Destinations in Munnar

Kolukkumalai (15 km from Mountain Club)

Kolukkumalai is about 7,900 ft above sea level and you can have some excellent views of the far off plains in the bordering State of Tamil Nadu. The distant hills slipping in and out of the mist is a captivating sight.

Anayirangal Dam (8 km from Mountain Club)

Anayirangal dam & lake is a major tourist spot. Herds of elephants visit the lake to quench their thirst and it is a sight of amazing wildlife richness for the tourists. The dam is surrounded by Tata tea plantations and evergreen forests. It is every nature traveler's ideal location.

Lock Heart Gap (8 km from Mountain Club)

The panoramic view of Bison valley and other sleepy little villages thousands of feet below, wrapped in mist most of the time.

Rajamala (29 km from Mountain Club)

The beautiful Rajamala is the natural habitat of the mountain goat, The Nilgiri Tahr. The scenic beauty of this place is outstanding. The Eravikulam-Rajamalai Wildlife Sanctuary is one of Kerala’s finest wildlife reserves in India.

Visiting Time : 8.00 am - 4.00 pm.
Visitors are not allowed during the breeding process.

Marayoor Sandal Wood Forest (60 km from Mountain Club)

Imagine waking up to the sound of birds singing, endless green hills covered in mist greeting you and the air filled with the sweet smell of sandalwood – this is Marayoor, a paradise nestled in the laps of the majestic Western Ghats.

Chinnar Wild Life Sanctuary (70 km from Mountain Club)

The area is crisscrossed with many wild rivers making it an ideal habitat for a wide variety of birds. The sanctuary is also home to a large number of animals including leopards, endangered giant grizzled squirrel, tigers, elephants, reptiles, peacocks, monkeys, exotic butterflies et cetera. Don’t be surprised if you encounter herds of elephants on the way to the sanctuary. The forest cover here extends all the way to Tamil Nadu. Prior permission is required to enter the sanctuary for trekking from the forest office in Munnar.

Photo Point (Distance 24 km from Mountain Club Resort)

“Nice Landscape for Pics”. Rightly called as Photo Point, this site oozes beauty at every turn. Parallely planted trees in the tea garden. Also you can get a chance to view the tea garden on couple of mountains.

Mattupetty (33 km from Mountain Club)

The most attractive part of Mattupetty dam is its still water which reflects the tea garden around. You can engage yourself with water sport activities like speed boating organized by district Tourism Promotion Council of Idukki (Munnar) and enjoy the pretty natural surroundings of this beautiful dam. Adventure lovers also have options here like trekking in the Shola forest.

Echo Point (38 km from Mountain Club)

Echo point is a tourist attraction spot known for its natural echo phenomenon. It imparts the pleasure of hearing your voice returning to you repeatedly. The location is bestowed with lush greenery all around the place.

Top Station (55 km from Mountain Club)

Top Station is 1,880 meters above sea level. The panoramic view of the Western Ghats and the valley of Theni from Top station is simply breathtaking. Top station got this name from it’s being the uppermost located railway station on the Kundala Valley Railway.

Kundala Dam (44 km from Mountain Club)

Kundala is a picturesque place, about 44 km from Mountain Club Resort on the way to Top Station. It is at a height of 1700 meters above sea level. In Kundala, cherry blossoms appear twice in a year. The famous Neela Kurunji flowers which bloom once in twelve years, bloom in the hills and valleys around Kundala lake.There is an artificial dam in Kundala which is another major attraction here. It is Asia’s first Arch dam. The boating experience at this dam is a wonderful experience beyond words. A Golf Course is also located here which belongs to Tata Tea Ltd. Aruvikkad Waterfall is also situated nearby Kundala.

Attukad Waterfalls (29 km from Mountain club resort)

The waterfall lays 9 km away from the Munnar town, on the way to Pallivasal. It is one of the most attractive destinations, which you should not miss while planning a trip to Munnar. Attukal offers the beauty of water falling from the top of the mountain. The sight of the roaring water and the rolling hills around is something which you can never delete from your memories. You can also plan trekking along the hill slopes of this waterfall

Lockhart Tea Factory (13 km from Mountain club Resort)

This working tea factory, 13km from Mountain Club Resort, is the only one in the region open to the public. Guided tours of the 160-year-old factory explain modern tea processing from picking to export. There's also a small museum, nursery, gardens, tastings and a shop.