Your wedding day is the day you begin to fill a treasure chest with secrets that are yours alone. Is the day you inherit each other’s friends, families and belongings. Is the day you decide to walk together, no matter what.
When isn’t a wedding romantic? As the French saying on poesy rings went, “my whole heart, for my whole life’. Weddings are open announcements of love. And love, as we all know, is a stranger to restraint. Before you set the mood for your wedding, remember the assault on your senses when you first fell truly, madly, deeply in Love? Didn’t silk feel softer? Didn’t the smell of autumn leaves make you leave your windows open despite the chill? Didn’t you walk long hours in the rain, forgetting the effect it had on your new coat? Your wedding should be a magnificent celebration of this joy and more.
Be it a bachelorette, a sangeet, a wedding or a reception, a grand banquet at Mountain Club is an orchestra of beautiful venues, mood lighting, great music, attentive service, and spectacular food – all lending the event a sumptuous air that needs to surround a celebration.


Making use of innovative flavors, fresh and organic products and a starting presentation, we ensure that your guests will experience an epicurean journey which they will cherish for a lifetime.
Our culinary team is innovative and creative with immense proficiency in preparing world class cuisine. From exquisite cuisine that appeals to the most refined palate to the food that gratifies your soul, we offer a plethora of dishes which you will never forget.
Make your wedding most exclusive and unique with our customized music with in-house DJ’s, and extensive selection of mocktails.